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Table of Contents(Vol.04 No.05, May 2011):
Comparison of ICA and WT with S-transform based method for removal of ocular artifact from EEG signals
Kedarnath Senapati, Aurobinda Routray
Enhanced stability of nano-emulsified paclitaxel
Ju Young Lee, Da Yeon Kim, Gyeong Hae Kim, Kkot Nim Kang et al.
Mechanical loading of adipose derived stromal cells causes cell alignment
David A Gonzales, Alice S Ferng, Chris P Geffre, Jamie L Borg et al.
A doublet mechanics model for the ultrasound characterization of malignant tissues
Francesco Gentile, Jason Sakamoto, Raffaella Righetti, Paolo Decuzzi et al.
Influence of different CoCrMo counterfaces on wear in UHMWPE for artificial joints
Victor González-Mora, Michael Hoffmann, Rien Stroosnijder, Eduardo Espinar et al.
In vitro degradation behavior of chitosan based hybrid microparticles
A. Champa Jayasuriya, Kristalyn J. Mauch
Computational evaluation of the dynamic minimal model for the root causes of hypoglycemia
Murat Tunç, Sedat Şişbot, A. Kaya Gülkaya
The effects of different sterilization methods on silk fibroin
Yahong Zhao, Xiaoli Yan, Fei Ding, Yumin Yang et al.
MicrobMatcher: a microbial comparison software based on matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization with time-of-flight mass spectrometry
Feng Liu, Yizhen Fu, Yalu Ye
Temperature estimation of focused ultrasound exposures for stroke treatment
Venediktos Hadjisavvas, Christakis Damianou

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