It is a great pleasure for me to remind you that the 8th Conference of ORPHEUS (Organisation for PhD Education in Biomedicine and Health Sciences in the European System) will be taking place in Prague, April 25-27, 2013.  We will be very glad meeting you in one of the most beautiful city in spring.
After Prague the hosts of ORPEHUS 9th conferences in 2014 will be Lausanne.
I am inviting all present and future ORPEHUS members to express their interest in hosting ORPEHUS 2015 conference.
The last (7th) ORPHEUS 2012 Conference in Bergen was attended by over 200 participants, representing over 100 medical schools from almost all European countries as well as some countries outside Europe.  In general ORPHEUS conferences become the largest gathering of biomedical and health institutions ever to take place in Europe.
Depending on the number of health science schools in the country and accordingly the number of local participants the expected number of participants is about 250 and conference hall of this or larger size is required. It has been somewhat of a tradition to hold ORPHEUS conferences in April (there are not so many other conferences at that time). Conference fees should be constant or with minor changes only (see web site of the Prague conference:
The potential organizers are encouraged to submit a preliminary proposal with a venue, and organisational framework. There is no strict deadline but we will appreciate preliminary proposals before Prague conference, April 25-27, 2013 and not later than September, 2013.

Within the overall organisation of the conference, ORPEHUS offers promotion of the event and a repayable loan if needed to start organizing the congress (for previous conferences the limit was 5000). In collaboration with the organizer, ORPEHUS will provide the international program committee, chairpersons, discussion leaders etc. and propose keynote speakers. ORPHEUS assumes no financial liability beyond the loan. If needed, ORPHEUS provides expertise and experience in congress organization.

Vital to our decision, among other issues, are the facilities, financial aspects, flight connections, geographical location (not to focus only on one part of the Europe), etc.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!
Very best regards,
Zdravko Lackovic        
ORPHEUS President
If you are not ORPHEUS member and want to host the conference please sent us application form for ORPHUES membership which can be found on ORPHEUS web site
(If you think this letter does not concern you, please accept my apology and I would be grateful if you would forward it to people responsible for PHD program at your institution)