According to article 17 of ORPEHUS Statutes ( as the president of association I
I call for General Assembly of ORPHEUS
to be held in Lausane Saturday, the 5th of April 2014
According to Statute (the same article) The General Assembly shall elect the members of the Executive Committee, President, Vice-President, Secretary General and Treasurer. The General Assembly shall also elect one, two or three Auditors. 
The term in office expires for President, Vice-President, and Secretary General while several other members of the EC could be reelected. Accordingly I am calling all of ORPEHUS members to nominate possible candidates for the above mentioned functions. Nominations, accompanied by a short CV should be sent to me and at the same time to General Secretary Seppo Meri (Адрес электронной почты защищен от спам-ботов. Для просмотра адреса в вашем браузере должен быть включен Javascript.). Candidates must have endorsement of their institutions because work in ORPEHUS EC is voluntary and home institution of each members pays participation at Annual meeting and General Assembly and participation at the meeting of EC (up to now only one every year). In elections as usually each institution has one vote.
In a line with Article 20 agenda of the Genaral Assembly includes:
Report by President about ORPEHUS Activities during his mandate
Report by Treasurer (for 2013) and acting Treasurers (for the first months of 2014)
Report by auditors
Elections of President, Vice-President, and Secretary General
Elections of new and reelections of some members of existing Executive Committee
Acceptance of the changes in Statutes done at Assemblies until 2014
Other matters submitted by Executive Committee
I am hoping to see representatives of all  ORPHEUS members in Lausanne
Sincerely Yours
Professor Zdravko Lackovic, MD, PhD
ORPHEUS President