Choose the correct answer (A, B, C or D)!

Test 1
1. The audience was utterly _______ by the play.
 A. boring С. bored
 B. bore D. boringly
2. She opened her purse and took out a _______ handkerchief.
 A. French beautiful blue lace C. blue lace beautiful French
 B. beautiful blue French lace D. beautiful French lace blue
3. The doll had golden _______ hair and was dressed in a woolen coat.
 A. silky C. silken
 B. silk D. silkie
4. He looked _______ , because he was looking around ________.
 A. nervously, nervous C. nervous, nervously
 B. nervously, nervously D. nervous, nervous
5. Oh, I love this _______ beach so much!
 A. beautiful sandy white C. sandy beautiful white
 B. white sandy beautiful D. beautiful white sandy
6. _______ with dark hair is my sister’s boyfriend. 
 A. The young men C.  The young man 
 B. Young man D. The young
7. I could not sleep _______ last night, so I feel _______ today.
 A. good, horrible C. well, horribly
 B. well, horrible D. better, more horribly
8. Monica tasted the drink _______.
 A. carefully C. careful
 B. careless D. carelessness
9. This wet weather is so _______!
 A. depressible C. depressing
 B. depressed D. depression
10. I’m doing a course on caring for _______.
 A. mental handicapped person
 B. the mentally handicapped peoples
 C. the mental handicapped
 D. the mentally handicapped
11. Yesterday she bought _______.
 A. an amazing Chinese vegetable dish
 B. a Chinese amazing vegetable dish
 С. an amazing vegetables Chinese dish.
 D. a Chinese amazing dish for vegetable
12. Last week all the employees were given _______.
 A. a supermarket new blue uniform
 B. a blue new supermarket uniform
 C. a supermarket blue new uniform
 D. a new blue supermarket uniform

Test 2
1. London is _______ than Manchester.
 A. the largest C. larger
 B. large D. as large
2. This Monday is _______ day he has ever had.
 A. the worst C. best
 B. good D. the worse
3. What is the _______ news?
 A. much late C. later
 B. latest D. last
4. Do you think _______ should pay more taxes to help _______?
 A. rich, poor C. the rich, poor
 B. rich, the poor D. the rich, the poor
5. This article is _______ difficult of all the articles we’re ever read.
 A. the most C. most
 B. more D. much more
6. This box is _______ than the other one.
 A. heavy C. heaviest
 B. heavier D. as heavy
7. Health and happiness are _______ than money.
 A. much important C. most important
 B. as important D. more important
8. Ukrainian football-players are good, but Brazilian football-players are _______.
 A. the best C. good
 B. the better D. best
9. These shoes are _______ of all.
 A. less expensive C. the least expensive
 B. least expensive D. more expensive
10. Nick is John’s _______ brother.
 A. older  C. oldest
 B. elder D. the eldest
11. People _______at quizzes can earn lot money.
 A. good C. well
 B. better D. best
12. It’s a _______ watch.
 A. Swiss round fantastic C. fantastic round Swiss
 B. round fantastic Swiss D. Swiss fantastic round
13. Football is _______   complicated than cricket.
 A. less C. the least
 B. the most D much
14. My book is _______ interesting _______ yours.
 A. far too, as C. such, like
 B. like, like D. as, as
15. Ann is twenty-seven years old, and her husband is three years _______.
 A. older C. the oldest
 B. elder D. the eldest

Test 3
1. Jodie smiled _______ as she opened her presents.
 A. happy  C. happily
 B. happiness D. happiest
2. James did _______ in his exams.
 A. good C. bad
 B. well D. the better
3. Andy was_______ upset when Ann met him.
 A. terribly C. terrify
 B. terrific D. terrible
4. You seem to be breathing _______.
 A. quite heavy C. quite heavily
 B. quietly heavy D. quietly heavily
5. _______  had they been home for a minute when the phone rang.
 A. Hard C. Hardly
 D. The hardly D. Harder
6. I removed the wrapping paper _______.
 A. careful C. more careful
 B. the most careful D. carefully
7. This silk looks so _______ .  Let’s buy it for a new dress.
 A. softly C. softest
 B. soft D. softer
8. Being very industrious, Larry always works _______.
 A. hardship C. hard
 B. hardness D. hardly
9. It’s ________  essential we don’t tell anyone.
 A. absolutely C. bit
 B. little D. absolute
10. The rumor was _______ false.
 A. much  C. completely
 B. little D. complete
11. I _______ had this ________ feeling.
 A. suddenly, strangely C. sudden, strangely
 B. sudden, strange D. suddenly, strange
12. Don’t speak so _______ ! I cannot catch your idea.
 A. fastly C. faster
 B. fast D. fastest
13. All the buses are _______ today. I wonder why.
 A. late C. lately
 B. more lately D. latest
14. The new house costs ________ as the old one.
 A. twice more C. twice as much
 B. twice much D. twice as more
15. The balloon was ________ in the sky. It floated _______ above the countryside.
 A. high, high C. highly, high
 B. high, highly D. highly, highly

Test 4
1. ________ you come back, ________.
 A. Sooner, better C. The sooner, the better
 B. The soonest, best D. Soon, good
2. He works hard. He must work _______ to carry out this experiment.
 A. harder C. the hardest
 B. hardest D. more hard
3. Jack speaks French  _______ batter than Jane.
 A. more C. most
 B. much D. so as
4. He’s fast runner. I can’t run as ________ as he.
 A. fastest C. faster
 B. fastly  D. fast
5. I feel _______ today than I did last week.
 A. much worse C. worst
 B. the worst D. bad
6. You should get up _______ than usual, we have a lot of work to do.
 A. early C. as early
 B. earlier D. earliest
7. She spoke _______ than her father-in-law.
 A. friendly         C. most friendly
 B. so friendly D. more friendly
8. – Could you help me? – I’ll do my_______.
 A. best C. better
 B. the best D. the better
9. I cannot catch up with you. Don’t walk so _______.
 A. faster C. fastest
 B. fast D. much faster
10. _______ you work, _______ results you obtain.
 A. Harder, better C. The harder, the better
 B. Hardest, best D. The hardest, the best
11. You speak English _______ than you did last year.
 A. more fluently C. most fluently
 B. fluently D. as fluently
12. I didn’t quite catch that. Could you say it again _______, please?
 A. clearer C. the clearest
 B. more clearly D. clearest
13. The caravan was rolling _______ down the hill.
 A. the faster C. faster and faster
 B. fast and fast D. fastest and fastest
14. _______ you are, _______ you learn.
 A. The younger, the quickly C. The youngest, the quickest
 B. As young, as quickly D. Younger, quicker.
15. I’m fed up with waiting. I’m not waiting _______.
 A. no longer C. so longer
 B. less longer D. any longer

Test 5
1. The politician claims that _______ people were arrested in China last month.
 A. two hundred C. two hundreds
 B. second hundred D. two hundredth
2. You can find the necessary definition on _______.
 A. the twenty-two page C. the page twenty-two
 B. page twenty-two D. twenty-second page
3. It was eight _______ when we called the doctor.
 A. precisely C. exactly
 B. accurately D. sharp
4. I am not sure that you would like _______piece of cake. I’m full.
 A. second C. the second
 B. a second D. another second
5. _______ pencils cost two pounds.
 A. Dozen C. A dozen of
 B. Dozen of D. A dozen
6. The Beatles were the most popular pop band of _______ of the last century.
 A. sixties C. sixty
 B. the sixties D. the sixtieth
7. In the house he found _______ of insect.
 A. hundred C. hundreds
 B. hundredth D. one hundred
8. The bill will become a law when_______ of the Parliament vote for it.
 A. two thirds C. two thirdth
 B. two third D. the two thirds
9. The tennis player finished the year in the top ________ .
 A. hundredth C. hundred
 B. one hundred D. hundreds
10. This year the university will celebrate its ________ anniversary.
 A. second hundred and ninth C. two hundredth and ninth
 B. two hundred and ninth D. two hundred and ninth
11. The train leaves at _______, and now it’s ten to two, so we’ve got 25 minutes to eat.
 A. a quarter past two C. half past two
 B. quarter to two D. twenty-five past two
12. Twenty divided by eight equals _______.
 A. two points five C. two point five
 B. two and half D. two and five
13. The tsunami in _______ devastated the island.
 A. two thousands four C. two o o four
 B. two thousands four D. two double zero four
14. He started writing fiction when he was ______.
 A. twenty eight C. twenty-eight years
 B. twenty eight years old D. twenty-eight years old
15. _______ students apply for this international program every year.
 A. Hundreds of thousands of C. Hundreds thousands of
 B. Hundreds thousands D. One hundred of thousands of

Test 6
1. I don’t understand this sentence. What _______?
 A. does mean this word C. means this word
 B. does this word mean D. this word means
2. Sven ______ his first record when he was sixteen.
 A. made C. had been making
 B. has made D. makes
3. Do you know when he ________ ?
 A. returns C. will return
 B. had returned D. will have returned
4. Mark ________ the instructions, so he ________ up trying to make the machine work.
 A. didn’t understand, gave C. didn’t understand, was giving
 B. don’t understand, gives D. wasn’t understood, gave 
5. The plane _______ at four o’clock. We must be at the airport at 2 p.m.
 A. is left C. will be left
 B. had left D. leaves
6. – Where ________ ? – In London.
 A. are you born  C. have you been born
 B. were you born D. had you been born
7. John ________ tennis once or twice a week.
 A. is usually playing C. usually plays
 B. was usually playing D. usually will play
8. I _______ a very difficult day tomorrow. I need to prepare for the exam.
 A. will have C. have
 B. am having D. would have
9. This question will be discussed when he ________.
 A. will come C. come
 B. comes D. came
10. The students of our group _______ their reports for the conference last week.
 A. will make C. have made
 B. make D. made
11. The food that Ann is cooking in the kitchen _______ delicious.
 A. is smelling  C. smelt
 B. smells D. will be smelling
12. Look! These clouds ________ so dark. I think it ________ rain.
 A. are, will C. have been, was to
 B. are, was going D. were, won’t
13. She was walking along the road when the car _______.
 A. was crashing C. crashes
 B. had crashed D. crashed
14. _______  Angela is going to pass her exams? – I _______ so
 A. Do you think, am not expecting
 B. Do you think, don’t expect
 C Are you thinking, don’t expect 
 D. Are you thinking, am not
15. I’ll let you know as soon as I _______ the information.
 A. had C. has
 B. have D. will have
16. Betty’s father _______ her birthday.
 A. always forgets C. always is forgetting 
 B. forgets always D. had always forgotten
17. We _______ several letters to them two days ago.
 A. send C. will send
 B. have sent D. sent
18. The project was very expensive. It _______ millions of pounds.
 A. was costing C. will cost
 B. cost D. has cost
19. Sam is a very interesting person. He _______ all kinds of unusual facts.
 A. knows C. had known
 B. has been known D. is known
20. She _______ off the light, went out of the room and locked the door.
 A. had turned C. was turning
 B. has turned D. turned
21. He doesn’t know if his brother _______ to the cinema with us tonight.
 A. goes C. will go
 B. was going D. had gone
22. In the 1990s Cher _______ to pop music in a big way.
 A. has returned C. returns
 B. returned* D. will return
23. When he _______ you his course paper, look it through attentively.
 A. shows C. will show
 B. showed D. will be showing
24. I _______ my leg when I _______ basketball.
 A. was injured, played C. injured, was playing
 B. injured, played D. was injuring, played
25. I’m not sure if he _______ from London on Monday.
 A. returns C. has returned
 B. will have returned D. will return
26. I _______ physical exercises three times a day.
 A. am doing C. have done
 B. do D. am done
27. What time _______ you get home the day before yesterday?
 A. do C. were
 B. are D. did
28. – When ice _______, it _______ water. – Everyone knows that!
 A. will melt, will become C. melts, becomes
 B. melted, will become D. is melting, is becoming
29. I won’t be able to go shopping until the babysitter _______?
 A. arrives C. won’t arrive
 B. will arrive D. arrived
30. It _______ cold it here. Is the heating on?
 A. feels* C. has been felt
 B. is feeling D. has been feeling

Test 7
1. – Is David at home? – Yes, but he _______  a shower at the moment.
 A. has had C. have
 B. has D. is having
2. The teacher _______ the article at 2 o’clock yesterday.
 A. looked through C. was looking through
 B. has looked through D. will be looking through
3. When I_______ to the party, Julia and John _______.
 A. had got, were dancing C. got, danced
 B. got, were dancing D. has got, had danced
4. – What are you thinking about? – This time next week, I _______ on the beach.
 A. will be sunbathing C. will sunbathe
 B. will have sunbathed D. sunbathe
5. I_______ the car that’s  why I need a lot of hot soapy water
 A. washed C. will be washed
 B. am going to wash  D. wash
6. – Will they solve this problem tomorrow? – I’m afraid they _______ it all day long. 
 A. will discuss C. were discussing
 B. will be discussing D. have discussed
7. The player ________ his racket as he ________  towards the net.
 A. was dropping, was run C. dropped, ran
 B. was dropping, run D. dropped, was running
8. – What ______? – He _______ an English book.
 A. is he doing, is reading C. is he doing, reads
 B. does he do, reads D. does he do, he’s reading
9. These jackets are going out of fashion now. People _______ them much longer
 A. aren’t wearing C. won’t be wearing
 B. won’t have been wearing D. weren’t wearing
10. I _______ television a lot but I don’t watch any more.
 A. was watching C. have been watching
 B. was used to watch D. used to watch
11. I met Ellen as I _______ to work.
 A. had walked C. have been walking
 B. was walking D. am walking
12. Do you know if Tom _______ his exam now?
 A. takes C. is taking
 B. will be taking D. have taken
13. We ________ through the woods when we heard a gunshot.
 A. had walked C. walk
 B. walked D. were walking
14. Tell him about it when he _______. It’s very important.
 A. comes C. came
 B. will be coming D. will come
15. What magazine _______ when we came into the hall?
 A. will you be looking through    C. were you looking through
 B. are you looking through    D. did you look through
16. The economic situation is already very bad and it _______ worse.
 A. is getting C. got
 B. gets D. was getting
17. While Tom _______ a book, Mary _______ TV.
 A. was reading, watched C. was reading, was watching
 B. read, watched D. read, was watching
18. It _______ outside, I do not like to walk in such weather.
 A. rains C. is rain
 B. is raining D. will be raining
19. This time next week I _______ in the Highlands.
 A. will walk C. will be walking
 B. would walk D. am walking
20. Jane ________ from Oxford University a year ago.
 A. has graduated C. graduated
 B. had graduated D. was graduating
21. - _______ this week? – No, she’s on holiday.
 A. Is Susan working C. Did Susan work
 B. Does Susan work  D. Had Susan worked
22. I ________ it’s a good idea.
 A. am thinking C. thought
 B. think D. will be thinking
23. I’m sure Eddie _______ me fix the car if I ask him.
 A. is going to help C. will help
 B. helps D. is helping
24. His wife _______ new products. It annoys us.
 A. is constantly buying C. constantly buys
 B. was constantly buying D. buys constantly
25. When Alison________ a pony, she _______ a bad fall.
 A. rode, was having C. was riding, had
 B. had sung, had clearned D. rode, had
26. Don’t visit a Carol at five o’clock. She _______.
 A. will have been worked C. will work
 B. will be working D. will have worked
27. Anna ________ as she ________ the windows.
 A. was singing, was cleaning C. has been singing, cleaned
 B. had sung, had cleaned D. has sung, has been cleaning
28. Sorry, I can’t talk now because _______.
 A. I’m driving C. I drove
 B. I drive D. I was driving
29. John ________ a letter when somebody knocked at the door.
 A. wrote C. has written
 B. is writing D. was writing
30. What ________ today? – It’s John’s birthday, so I ________ him a cake.
 A. did you do, will cook C. are you doing, will have cooked
 B. do you do, am cooking D. are you doing, am going to cook

Test 8
1. He is found of painting. He _______ a lot of pictures recently.
 A. has painted C. had painted
 B. have painted D. was painting
2. _______ in London when I returned from my holiday?
 A. Had you ever been  C. Were you
 B. Have you been D. will you be
3. – I’m very hungry. – I’m not surprised you _______ all day.
 A. don’t eat C. haven’t been eating
 B. didn’t eat D. hadn’t eaten
4. – Do you know Steven? – Yes, I _______ him for years.
 A. have known C. know
 B. knew D. have been knowing
5. – What do you think of that new CD I _______ last week? – I _______ to it yet.
 A. have bought, don’t listen C. had bought, haven’t listened
 B. bought, wasn’t listening D. bought, haven’t listened
6. The teacher _______ essays for three hours.
 A. is correcting C. has been correcting
 B. corrects D. corrected
7. – Why are you upset? – I _______ my favorite ring.
 A. lose C. have been losing
 B. have lost D. will lose
8.  Diana _______ a new job. She is starting next week.
 A. is finding C. finds
 B. has been finding D. has found
9. For the last ten years, engineers _______ noise level in Britain’s cities.
 A. were measuring C. have been measuring
 B. measured D. have measured
10. _______ Simon this week? – No, he _______ to Greece on Sunday.
 A. Have you seen, has been C. Did you see, has gone
 B. Have you seen, went D. Did you seen, went
11. Here is his report. He _______ it at last.
 A. has been finishing C. has finished
 B. finishes D. finished
12. When _______ to Oxford University?
 A. has he gone C. did he gone
 B. was he going D. has he been
13. I _______ about buying a new car for a month.
 A. have been thinking C. think
 B. will have thought D. thought
14. Everything is going well. We _______ any problems so far.
 A. haven’t been having C. haven’t had 
 B. aren’t having  D. don’t have
15. Linda has lost her passport again. It’s the second time this _______.
 A. happens C. happened
 B. has happened D. has been happening
16. You ______ text messages for half an hour.
 A. are sending C. have sent
 B. are sent D. have being sending
17. It’s ten o’clock. And I _______ six reports so far this morning.
 A. have already typed C. am already typing
 B. already typed D. had already typed
18. Have you heard the news? They _______ a new club chairman on Friday!
 A. have elected C. have been electing
 B. elected D. have been elected
19. It’s my wallet! I ________ for it for long time!
 A. was looking C. have been looking
 B. looked D. am looking
20. – Can I speak to Mr. Thompson, please? – I’m afraid he _______ out of the office.
 A. has just gone C. just went
 B. has just been D. has just been going
21. – How long _______ this TV-set? – We ________ it at least five years.
 A. did you have, had C. have you had, had
 B. do you have, had D. have you had, have had
22. I _______ all my examinations and I can go for a holiday to the USA.
 A. had already passed C. already passed
 B. have already passed D. have already been passing
23. I’m airsick that’s why I _______ by air.
 A. have never been travelling C. never travelled
 B. had never travelled D. have never travelled
24. Sorry, Justin. I _______ about an appointment. I must dash. See you.
 A. just remembered C. have just remembered
 B. have just been remembered D. just remember
25. Have you seen Jessica? I _______ for her for almost an hour.
 A. have been looking C. have looked
 B. am looking D. had been looking
26. Hello, Peter! I _______ you for ages! How are you?
 A. didn’t see C. haven’t seen
 B. haven’t been seeing D. don’t see
27. He goes swimming every day. He _______ this since he was a boy.
 A. has been doing C. did
 B. has done D. is doing
28. My grandfather is 96 years old, and he ________ a long and interesting life.
 A. had lived C. was living
 B. has lived D. lives
29. The police_______ this man since early this morning.
 A. have questioned C. have been questioning
 B. has questioned D. has been questioning

Test 9
1. They _______ all the preparations by 10 o’clock to carry out their experiment.
 A. had completed C. complete
 B. will complete D. completed
2. We were tired at the end of the journey. We _______ for more than 24 hours.
 A. had travelled C. had been travelling
 B. were travelling D. travel
3. ________ this problem by the time I come?
 A. Will you discuss C. Do you discuss
 B. Have you discussed D. Will you have discussed 
4. I knew there _______ exactly fifty names on the list because I _______ them carefully.
 A. were, counted C. are, counted
 B. were, had counted D. are, had counted
5. I didn’t  stay up late last night because I _______  all day, so I went to bed early.
 A. had been working C. am working
 B. worked D. was working
6. We’re late. The film _______ by the time we get to the cinema.
 A. will already start C. will already have started
 B. had already started D. has already started
7. He was tired and by the time I _______, he ________ asleep.
 A. have come,  has fallen C. came, fell
 B. came, had fallen D. had come, had fallen
8. Melissa crashed her new car. She _______ for month to buy it.
 A. saved C. saves
 B. was saving D. had been saving
9. We didn’t know the score, but we were sure their team ________ the game.
 A. has lost C. will lose
 B. lost D. had lost
10. They _______ the archaeological excavations by September next year.
 A. will finish C. finished
 B. will have finished D. have finished
11. The man sitting next to me on the plane was nervous because he _______before
 A. hasn’t flown C. hadn’t flown
 B. didn’t fly D. wasn’t flying
12. He _______ for some time before the servant _______the door.
 A. had been knocking, opened    C. knocked, opened
 B. has knocked, was opened    D. was knocking, was opening
13. I _______ the film yesterday because it _______ by the time we got home.
 A. didn’t watch, finished      C. didn’t watch, had finished
 B. was watching, was finishing    D. haven’t watched, finished
14. He was dirty because he _______ in the garden for a long time.
 A. has been working C. works
 B. had been working  D. is working
15. Mary ________ the telegram by 3 o’clock.
 A. sent C. will send
 B. has sent D. will have sent
16. I knew that she_______  her exams successfully.
 A. will pass C. had passed
 B. passes D. had been passing
17. Clare looked tired this morning. She ______ all night long.
 A. studied C. was studying
 B. had been studying D. had studied
18. We were good friends, we _______each other for years.
 A. had known C. were knowing
 B. had been knowing D. knew
19.  I’m enjoying the course. I _______ a lot by the time I’ve completed it.
 A. will learn C. have learned
 B. will be learning D. will have learned
20. Mr. Todd _______ for thirty years when he retired. 
 A. was teaching C. had been teaching
 B. has been teaching D. taught
21. The restaurant was packed last night. Luckily, I ________ a table in advance.
 A.  was booking C. booked
 B. had booked D. had been looking
22. I _______ a thing like that before I went to the exhibition.
 A. have never seen C. never saw
 B. had never seen D. never see
23. By following year he _______ his investigation.
 A. will have finished C. would finish
 B. will finish D. will be finishing
24. Susie gained weight because she _______ .
 A. is overeating C. overeats
 B. has been over eating D. had been overeating
25. When she ________ to the end, she _______ 1,600 miles.
 A. will get, will have walked C. gets, will have walked
 B. gets, walks D. will gets, will walk
26. _______ to him before you read the article about him in the newspaper?
 A. Had you spoken C. Do you speak
 B. Did you speak D. Had you been speaking
27. Although the sun was shining, it was still cold, because it _______ hard for two hours.
 A. was raining C. had rained
 B. had been raining D. rained
28. After aunt Rosie _______ a letter she began to cry.
 A. had received C. received
 B. has received D. had been receiving
29. The students _______ their examination paper by 2 o’clock.
 A. will be writing C. will write
 B. wrote D. will have written
30. They _______ for hours when they stopped to have rest.
 A. had walked C. walked
 B. had been walking D. walk

Test 10
1. I asked if John _______ that evening.
 A. would phone C. is phoning
 B. phones D. has phoned
2. He hopes that she _______ in time for tomorrow’s meeting.
 A. is C. will be
 B. has been D. would be
3. We expected that he _______ this question at once.
 A. will discuss C. discussed
 B. would discuss D. is discussing 
4. We knew that by the following year all of as _______ our Master’s degree.
 A. would take C. will take
 B. will have taken D. would have taken
5. She hasn’t been informed that the lecture _______ on Friday.
 A. hasn’t taken place C. hadn’t taken place
 B. won’t take place D. wouldn’t take place
6. He answered that he _______ to the theatre with us.
 A. isn’t going C. wouldn’t go
 B. hasn’t gone D. will not go
7. He told her that he _______ her up at five o’clock.
 A. will pick C. has picked
 B. picks D. would pick
8. Susan says that she _______ me the day after tomorrow.
 A. will call C. calls
 B. would call D. will have called
9. My parents decided that we ________ my birthday on Saturday.
 A. celebrate C. will celebrate
 B. would celebrate D. celebrated
10. Ann answered that she _______ Nick to our party.
 A. invites C. will invite
 B. would invite D. invited
11. I was pleased that it ________ the next day.
 A. won’t rain C. isn’t raining
 B. wouldn’t rain D. won’t
12. It was getting warmer, so she decided she _______ one of her sweaters.
 A. would put on C. is going to put on
 B. will put on D. puts on
13. I didn’t stop for long because she said I ________ to reach Seabury at lunch-time.
 A. will have to C. would have to
 B. had had to D. have to

Test 11
1. Foreign languages _______ by the students in every school.
 A. have been learnt C. are learning
 B. are learnt D. had been learnt
2. No doubt, it _______ about 2 days ago.
 A. was much spoken C. was much being spoken
 B. has much spoken D. has much been spoken
3. This research work ________ in a week. It’ll take much more time.
 A. isn’t completed  C. won’t be completed
 B. won’t complete D. hasn’t completed 
4. The experimental data _______ last month.
 A. analyzed C. have been analyzed
 B. were analyzed D. had been analyzed
5. This report _______ by the discussion. 
 A. followed C. will be followed
 B. follows D. will follow
6. The Chinese _______ printing.
 A. invented C. have invented
 B. have been invited D. were invited
7. She _______ by the behaviour of her friends.
 A. had been influenced C. is influenced
 B. influenced D. has influenced
8. We all hope that the results of our study ________ .
 A. have not ignored C. will not ignore
 B. will not have been ignored D. will not be ignored
9. This information should ________ in a safe place.
 A. keep C. be keeping
 B. be kept D. have kept
10. The BBC World Service ________ .It ________ all over the world.
 A. knows well, listens to C. has known, has listened to
 B. was known, listened to D. is well known, is listened to
11. He _______ his course paper long ago, he is a workaholic.
 A. has been written C. was written
 B. wrote D. had written 
12. This problem is not under consideration today. It _______ tomorrow.
 A. will be discussed C. will discuss
 B. will be discussing D. will have been discussed
13. I _______ these papers yesterday.
 A. have been shown C. will be shown
 B. was shown D. had been shown
14. English _______ in many countries of the world.
 A. is speaking C. is spoken
 B. has been spoken D. speaks
15. The new computer system _______ next month.
 A. has been installed C. is being installed
 B. will be installed D. was installed
Test 12
1. Don’t enter the lab. They _______ their experiment.
 A. are carrying out C. are being carried out
 B. carry out D. have carried out
2. A new underground line ________ now.
 A. constructs C. is constructed
 B. is being constructed D. has constructed
3. When we entered, he ________by the teacher
 A. was being asked C. had been asking
 B. asked D. was asked
4. The documents ¬¬¬________ to the Deputy Minister by e-mail half an hour ago.
 A. sent C. were sent
 B. have been sent D. were being sent
5. A new supermarket _________ not far from this park now.
 A. is building C. is being built
 B. has built D. builds
6. When I turned on the radio, President’s speech ________.
 A. was being broadcast C. was broadcast
 B. broadcast D. has been broadcast
7. Mr. Brown ________to give details of his bank account yesterday.
 A. made C. has been made
 B. was made D. was being made
8. A new project ________ at our department at the moment.
 A. was developed C. is developed
 B. is being developed D. develops
9. New articles ________ at our meetings every month.
 A. discuss C. are being discussed
 B. have been discussed D. are discussed
10. The test papers ________ at 4 p.m. yesterday.
 A. were being handed out C. had been handed out
 B. handed out D. were handed out
11. – That parcel ________ on Monday. – I wonder who it’s from.
 A. delivered C. is being delivered
 B. was being delivered D. was delivered
12. Listen! My suggestion ________ at again.
 A. are being laughed C. were being laughed
 B. have laughed D. laugh
13. His garage _______ when he bought a car.
 A. was building C. was being built
 B. was built D. had built
14. Several methods ________ for such analyses last year.
 A. were being used C. had been used
 B. used D. were used
15. We can’t use the fitness centre yet because it ________.
 A. is still repairing C. is still being repaired
 B. has been repaired D. is still repaired

Test 13
1. We can use the sport hall yet because it ________ by the end of year.
 A. will have been finished C. is finished
 B. will finish D. has been finished
2. They sent the document after it ________ by the manager of the office.
 A. had signed C. had been signed
 B. was signed D. has been signed
3. The project ________ this week.
 A. was finished C. has finished
 B. has been finished D. had been finished
4. All the papers ________ by Friday.
 A. will be prepared  C. will have been prepared
 B. will prepare D. will be preparing
5. When I came into the laboratory, the results ________.
 A. had already been obtained C. have already been obtained
 B. were already obtained D. already obtained
6. I ________ the telegram by Monday, don’t worry.
 A. will have been sent C. sent
 B. have been sent D. will have sent
7. His new book ________ this year.
 A. has been published C. was published
 B. has published D. had published
8.  The cake ________ before Susan arrived.
 A. was already made C. has already been made
 B. had already been made D. had already made
9. I am sure they _______ by their friends.
 A. will be helped  C. will help
 B. will have helped D. will have been helped
10. The photos ________ yet. Could you come tomorrow?
 A. were not being taken  C. have not been taken
 B. had not been taken D. were not taken
11. I know that they ________ about it last week.
 A. were told C. had been told
 B. have been told D. had told
12. The house ________ magnificent. It ________ by the owners.
 A. is looking, is renovated  C. is looking, was renovated
 B. looks, had been renovated D. looks, had been renovated
13. I’m sure the new bridge ________ by Saturday.
 A. was opened C. will have been opened
 B. will open D. opens
14. The workers said they ________ to accept lower wages yet.
 A. weren’t persuaded C. hadn’t been persuaded 
 B. didn’t persuade D. haven’t been persuaded
15. They were told to do this work an hour ago. I think they ________ it yet.
 A. did not finish C. have not finished
 B.  had not finished D. were not finished

Test 14
1. He told me that the results of the conference ________ as soon as possible.
 A. will be published C. would be published
 B. are published D. have been published
2. I thought that she ________ , when I ¬¬¬¬¬¬¬_______.
 A. is working, am ring her up     C. worked, rang her up
 B. was working, rang her up      D. will work, will ring her up
3. She asked if Roger ________ his job in time.
 A. will finish C. had finished
 B. finishes D. is finishing
4. The children were afraid of making any noise because their grandmother ________.
 A. was sleeping C. has been sleeping 
 B. slept D. had been sleeping
5. The librarian asked us ________ so much noise.
 A. don’t make C. didn’t make
 B. not making D. not to make
6. She said that Mary ________ into her flat because she ________ her key.
 A. cannot get, lost C. couldn’t get, had lost*
 B. couldn’t get, has lost D. can’t get, was losing
7. I am surprised to see you. Your mother said you _________ ill.
 A. were C. have been
 B. are D. had been
8. Jack asked me if I ________ to take part in the conference.
 A. am going C. will be going
 B. was going D. have been going
9. She thought Jack ________ his new picture.
 A. already finished C. will already finish
 B. has already finished D. had already finished
10. I didn’t know that Jane ________ for London two days ________.
 A. had left, before C. would leave, before
 B. left, ago D. has left, ago
11. She said that it ________ a wonderful party the next day.
 A. is going to be C. is
 B. would be D. will be
12. The landlady ________ the rent _________ 50 pounds a week.
 A. told, is C. said, was
 B. told, was D. said, has been
13. I went to bed after I ________ a bath and ________my teeth.
 A. had had, brushed C. was having, brushing
 B. had, brushed D. would have, brush
14. He said if everyone _________ an extra hour a day, it ________ production.
         A. works, will greatly increase  C. would work, would greatly increase
         B. worked, would greatly increase D. will work, will greatly increase
15. Who ________ that the Earth ________ round?
 A. said, had been  C. had said, was
 B. said, is D. was said, is

Test 15
1. ________ a car when they were living in London?
 A. Had they C. Were they having
 B. Did they have D. Have they had
2. ________ any question now?
 A. Have you had C. Have you got 
 B. Does you have D. Do you have got
3. ________ so naive!
 A. Don’t have C. Haven’t got
 B. Don’t do D. Don’t be
4. He seems ________ afraid!
 A. not to be C. doesn’t be
 B. to not be D. don’t be
5. Where ________? Which hairdresser did you go to?
 A. did you cut your hair C. do you cut your hair
 B. Have you cut your hair D. did you have your hair cut
6. I live near my office that’s why I ________ to get up early.
 A. haven’t C. am not
 B. don’t have D. don’t do
7. Could you ________ me a favour?
 A. be C. do
 B. make D. have
8.  – We are really busy now. - ________.
 A. So do we C. The same we are
 B. We too D. So are we
9. He ________ arrive tomorrow.
 A. is to C. is
 B. have D. have to
10. We ________ breakfast this morning.
 A. hadn’t C. don’t have got
 B. didn’t have  D. haven’t got
11. While I ________ shopping last Friday, I met my old friend in the supermarket
 A. did C. made
 B. was doing D. was making
12. Try to ________ some work today.
 A. make C. do
 B. have D. have to
13. They ________ a car then.
 A. hadn’t C. had no
 B. hadn’t got D. haven’t got
14. He ________ a lot of walking and swimming in Cuba.
 A. did C. took
 B. made D. got
15. – We don’t have any problems with the children. – Neither ________ we.
 A. have C. don’t have
 B. do D. don’t

Test 16
1. Don’t doubt. I ________ finish this work tomorrow.
 A. could C. had to
 B. might D. will be able to
2. You ________ take my dictionary to translate this text.
 A. may C. doesn’t have to
 B. ought D. shouldn’t to
3. He is very busy now. This work ________ be done at once.
 A. mustn’t to C. could to
 B. can’t D. should to
4. You are quite right. These results ________ to be examined thoroughly.
 A. must C. have
 B. should D. can
5. – Is there anybody at home? – Mary ________ be at home. The light is on.
 A. must* C. can to
 B. have to D. is able to
6. ________ you help me to translate this sentence? I need your help right now.
 A. Should C. Ought
 B. Must D. Could
7. The chemist’s was open, so luckily I ________ buy some aspirin.
 A. can C. was able to
 B. must D. couldn’t
8. Let’s wait a little. He ________ soon.
 A. may have come C. could have come
 B. may come D. might have come
9. When we went to the forest, we ________smell something burning.
 A. could C. must
 B. can D. might
10. To my mind, the government ________ take care of old people.
 A. ought C. must
 B. need to D. may
11. How ________ she say such awful things?
 A. may C. must
 B. should D. can
12. Drunk-driving ________ result in a heavy fine or imprisonment.
 A. should C. had to
 B. may D. is able to
13. I ________ act so, there is no other way out.
 A. have to C. can to
 B. must to D. ought
14. Every driver ________ keep the traffic regulations.
 A. can C. ought
 B. may D. must
15. You _________ be more attentive when crossing the street.
 A. shall C. have
 B. should D. ought
16. _________ I look at your magazine, please?
 A. Should C. Can
 B. Must D. Ought
17. You ________ smoke so much. It’s very harmful.
 A. must not C. shall not
 B. don’t have to D. are not able to
18. We don’t give enough money to charity. We ________ to give more in my opinion.
 A. must C. should
 B. have D. ought
19. I would like to ________ to sing, but I just can’t.
 A. have C. be able
 B. must D. can
20. – Must I do this work now? – No, you ________. I’ll do it myself.
 A. mustn’t C. cannot
 B. needn’t D. may not
21. I ________ go there yesterday in spite of the terrible weather.
 A. had to C. may
 B. must D. ought
22. Somebody ________ have taken the coat by mistake.
 A. should C. may
 B. can D. couldn’t
23.  Tom ________ already know what the plans are for tomorrow
 A. ought C. is allowed
 B. might D. has
24. You ________ to be at work by nine o’clock 
 A. must C. can
 B. should D. are
25. She told him that he _________ study harder.
 A. should C. will have to
 B. has to D. is to
26. I _________ water the garden. It rained this morning.
 A. can C. needn’t
 B. have to D. didn’t need
27. You ________ have left the car unlocked.
 A. can C. may
 B. must D. mustn’t
28. No reports ________ approach the scene of the accident.
 A. might have C. needn’t
 B. must have D. were allowed to
29. He said the bus ________ a little late that day.
 A. is C. may be
 B. might be D. will be
30. You ________ finish this experiment today. It’s very important.
 A. ought C. have
 B. must D. may

Test 17
1. They were the last ________ the concert hall.
 A. leave C. leaving
 B. left D. to leave
2. I didn’t hear you ________ in. You must have been very quiet.
 A. come C. have come
 B. to come  D. came
3. ________ this text you have to use a dictionary, the text is very difficult.
 A. Having been translated C. Translated
 B. To translate D. Being translated
4. The interest in this problem appears ________.
 A. growing C. to be grown
 B. grow D. to be growing
5. There ________ to be a heated discussion of this question.
 A. is likely C. to be likely
 B. be likely D. likely
6. The doctor wanted the patient ________.
 A. to examine C. to be examined
 B. to have been examined D. being examined
7. I’m tired. I’d rather _________ out this evening, if you don’t mind.
 A. not going C. don’t go
 B. not to go D. not go 
8. I’d like you ________ this rule to me once more.
 A. to explain C. explained
 B. explaining D. to be explained
9. What makes him _________ so high of himself? 
 A. to think C. think 
 B. thinking D. to have thought
10. He was clever enough ________ in this delicate situation.
 A. avoiding speaking C. avoiding to speak
 B. to avoid to speak D. to avoid speaking
11. My secretary won’t allow you _______ again.
 A. have interrupted C. interrupts
 B. to be interrupted D. interrupt
12. How can I make you ________ what I feel for you?
 A. understand C. to have understood
 B. have understood D. to understand
13. You ________ your children __________ their own way in the end.
 A. are to let, to go C. have letting, going 
 B. have to let, go D. are to let, have gone
14. The tourists expected the hotel __________ much better.
 A. be C. of being
 B. being D. to be
15. You had better ________ her the truth.
 A. have told C. telling
 B. to tell D. tell

Test 18
1. I don’t mind ________. In fact, I quite enjoy it.
 A. ironing C. to iron
 B. ironed D. iron
2. We regret_________ you that tonight’s performance will be cancelled.
 A. informing C. to inform
 B. inform D. being informed
3. Malcolm hates ________, so he often eats out.
 A. having cooked C. to be cooked
 B. cooking D. to cook
4. She stopped ________, closed the book, laid it on the table, turned off light.
 A. to be reading C. to have been reading
 B. to read D. to cook
5. Alan apologized for ________ Jane’s birthday.
 A. forgetting C. having been forgotten
 B. to forget D. to have been forgotten
6. – What are you doing on Saturday? – Well, Paul suggested ________ to the cinema.
 A. go C. will go
 B. going D. to go
7. I ________ travelling by tube.
 A. am not used to C. used
 B. did use D. don’t use to
8. I’ll never forget _________ my favourite film star last year.
 A. to meet C. meeting
 B. meet D. to have met
9. There’s no point ________ me. I have no idea what’s wrong with Adam.
 A. ask C. in being asked
 B. in asking D. to be asked
10. Do you object ________ now?
 A. to have been left C. to leave
 B. leave D. to my leaving
11. Malcolm would like _______ jobs because he doesn’t enjoy ________ outside in bad weather.
 A. to change, being C. to change, to be
 B. changing, to be D. changing, being
12. I was aware of not _________ for some time.
 A. to eat C. having eaten
 B. eating D. have eaten
13. We stopped ________ something to eat at a small café just next to the freeway.
 A. getting C. get
 B. to get D. had got
14. You can never give up ________ about how you can do things better
 A. to think C. to have thought
 B. having thought D. thinking
15. Sheila wants ________ a teacher because she enjoys _______ with children.
 A. to be, working C. to be, work
 B. being, to work D. being, working

Test 19
1. When ________ the scientific journals I get much useful information.
 A. having read C. read
 B. reading D. being read
2. ________ the translation of this article she published it.
 A. Finishing C. To finish
 B. Being finished D. Having finished
3. ________ this experiment, they used the new approach.
 A. Carrying out C. To be carried out
 B. To have carried out D. Being carried out
4. All the books ________ from the library must be returned the next week.
 A. taking C. taken
 B. having taken D. having been taken
5. When ________ the scientific articles you should mind about grammar.
 A. having translated C. being translated
 B. translating D. having been translated
6. _________ the English language well, he can translate newspaper articles without a dictionary.
 A. Having known C. Knowing
 B. Having been known D. Known
7. He ________ a good specialist, he was able to fulfill this work in time.
 A. to be C. been
 B. having been D. being
8. I saw Ann _________ the room.
 A. left C. having left
 B. leaving D. be leaving
9. I was finishing the book, ________ at it for over a year.
 A. having working C. work
 B. worked D. having worked
10. It is known that ________ water is not safe for drinking.
 A. polluted C. polluting
 B. being polluted D. having been polluted
11. Measures _________ to improve the situation were insufficient.
 A. taking C. having been taken
 B. having taken D. taken
12.  When I entered the room, I gave the letter to the woman ________ at the window.
 A. sat C. having sat
 B. sitting D. having been sat
13. The students ________ part in this conference are my friends.
 A. taken C. having taken
 B. taking D. having been taken
14.  ________ the results, he arrived at some conclusions.
 A. To summarize C. Having summarized
 B. To have summarized D. Being summarized
15. The phenomenon ________ in Chapter 5 is of great interest.
 A. mentioned C. having mentioned
 B. be mentioned D. having been mentioned

Test 20
1. Are you fed up with being a failure in your job? Wouldn’t you rather ________?
 A. have succeeded C. succeed
 B. succeeding D. to succeed
2. Are you anxious _________ ahead?
 A. get C. by getting
 B. to get D. having got
3. Do you believe _________ the most of your talents?
 A. make C. of making
 B. to making D. in making
4. Do you sometimes dream ________ the top?
 A. about reaching C. reach
 B. of reach D. on reaching
5. Just imagine yourself ________ a big successful company.
 A. to run C. running
 B. run  D. having run
6. And now you can do something about it instead ________.
 A. to dream C. having dreamt
 B. of dreaming  D. dream
7. It’ll happen if you want it ________.
 A. happen C. happening
 B. having happened D. to happen
8. Make it a reality ________ your copy of the best-selling “Winning in Business”.
 A. having ordered C. by ordering
 B. order D. in order
9. It has a ten-point plan for you ________.
 A. to follow C. following
 B. follow D. to following
10. Do it and you’re certain _________ a success.
 A. being C. be
 B. to be D. to do
11. You’ll know what ________ in business.
 A. doing C. to doing
 B. do D. to do
12. You can make other people _________ you and persuade them (13)_________ what you want.
 A. respect,  C. having respected, on doing
 B. to respect, D. respecting, do
14. Experts recommend _________ this marvellous book.
 A. buy C. buying
 B. having bought D. to buying
15. You’d better ________ your copy today.
 A. to order C. having ordered
 B. ordering D. order

Test 21
1. ________ lean over the window- sill. It’s dangerous!
 A. To C. Do
 B. Never D. –
2. ________ the child play with your lap-top. He’ll break it.
 A. Let’s C. Do let
 B. Let’s not D. Don’t let
3. ________ out! The train is coming.
 A. Don’t watch C. Watch
 B. Let’s watch D. We watch
4. ________ be so shy!
 A. Don’t C. Do
 B. Let you D. You
5. ________ check you tyres before you drive a car.
 A. Don’t C. –
 B. Let me not D. Don’t let you
6. ________ be so much upset about trifles.
 A. Let us C. Do
 B. Not D. Let us not
7. ________ to tell the truth.
 A. Always try C. Even try
 B. Never try D. Let’s
8. Mum! ________ to the party tonight, please.
 A. Don’t let me go C. Let me go
 B. Don’t let me to go D. Let me to go
9. ________ rely on my help after this incident!
 A. - C. Let’s
 B. Don’t D. Let him
10. ________ leave your car unattended in this district.
 A. Never C. Let us
 B. Don’t ever D. Let him

Test 22
1. We’ll discuss that problem if we ________ our work in time.
 A. finished C. will finish
 B. finish D. are finishing
2. Roger would be upset if his wife ________ tomorrow.
 A. didn’t get back C. wouldn’t get back
 B. doesn’t get back D. won’t get back
3. You will speak English better if you ________ as much as possible.
 A. will study C. study 
 B. would study D. are studying
4. She ________ nothing if she ________ the book herself.
 A. understands, will read C. is understanding, is reading
 B. will understand, reads D. will understand, will read
5. Don’t worry ________ late tonight.
 A. if I am C. when I’ll be
 B. if I would be D. if I’ll be
6. He ________ to the country tomorrow if the weather is fine.
 A. go C. ‘ll go
 B. goes D. ‘d go
7. If they ________ bad results, let them repeat the experiment.
 A. will obtain C. will have obtained
 B. had obtained D. obtain
8. I don’t know if he ________ this project in time. He is so absent-minded
 A. completes C. had completed
 B. will complete D. will have completed
9. If you________  the market, you would find some bargains.
 A. examined C. will examine
 B. examine D. would examine
10. If everyone _________ to the party yesterday, there wouldn’t have been room for them.
 A. would have come C. had come
 B. would come D. came
11. If Ann ________, remind her about the scientific conference.
 A. calls C. had called
 B. will call D. would call
12. I was wondering if he _________ some time to translate the article the next day.
 A. will have C. had
 B. would have D. has
13. A moisturizer is what you need. If you use one, you ________ dry skin.
 A. don’t get C. won’t get
 B. didn’t get D. wouldn’t get
14. We won’t go out unless it ________ snowing.
 A. would stop C. will have stopped
 B. will stop D. stops
15. If you ________the box, you would find a present.
 A. have opened C. open
 B. opened D. had opened

Test 23
1. I live with my parents. I wish I________ my own flat.
 A. had C. would have
 B. will have D. have
2. – Fancy that! John has just proposed to me! – If I ________ you, I ________ his proposition.
 A. was, accepted C. were, would accept
 B. were, had accepted D. had been, would accept
3. It’s desirable that you _______ send off the documents today.
 A. would C. will
 B. should D. could
4. If I were you, I _________ that coat. It’s much too expensive.
 A. won’t buy C. am not going to buy
 B. don’t buy D. wouldn’t buy
5. I wasn’t tired last night. If I ________ tired, I would have gone home.
 A. has been C. had been
 B. were D. am
6. Jack suggested that we ________ a course of lectures on art.
 A. should attend C. attended
 B. would attend D. will attend
7. I ________ that work yesterday if I _________ it was urgent.
 A. would do, knew       C. had done, knew
 B. would have done, had known     D. have done, know
8. I wish you ________ to the theatre with us. We enjoyed the performance greatly.
 A. went C. had gone
 B. go D. have gone
9. It ________ if you had been there.
 A. wouldn’t have happened C. didn’t happen
 B. wouldn’t happen D. hadn’t happen
10. I ________ it carefully lest I ________ a mistake.
 A. do, should have made C. do, am made
 B. am done, make D. did, should make
11. The Headmaster insisted that we ________ part in the scientific conference.
 A. would take C. will take
 B. should take D. would have taken
12. If I had trusted my instincts, I ________.
 A. had refused C. would have refused
 B. would refuse D. refused
13. If I had enough money, I _______ in a bigger house
 A. would live C. lived
 B. will live D. live
14. It is important that you ________ this work today.  It’s urgent.
 A. will finish C. finished
 B. should finish D. have finished
15. I ________ to the party, but I was just too tired
 A. would go C. could go
 B. should go D. could have gone

Test 24
1. I’ll see you ________ Tuesday afternoon.
 A. at C – 
 B. on D. in
2. He didn’t pay attention ________ this fact.
 A. for  C. to
 B. on D. in
3. I will compare your translation _________ the original.
 A. on C. for
 B. in D. with
4. The report consists ________ three parts.
 A. of  C. –
 B. up D. on
5. It seems _______ me that something is wrong.
 A. for C. to
 B. at D. on
6. I don’t object _______ that method.
 A. against C. for
 B. to D. with
7. He likes to be listened _______ carefully.
 A. to C. for
 B. -  D. at
8. The waste paper bin is full _______ crumpled sheets of paper.
 A. with C. to
 B. for D. of
9.  _______ two days this article will be published.
 A. Through C. In
 B. For D. By
10. Her help can’t be relied _______.
 A. by C. at
 B. on D. to
11. I’m not very good _______ repairing things.
 A. at  C. in
 B. for D. about
12. – Can you finish your job on Friday? – That doesn’t depend _______ me.
 A. of C. on
 B. from D. by
13. Let’s translate this article _______ English.
 A. in C. on
 B. into D. for
14. Look ________ this picture. It’s fine!
 A. in C. at
 B. through D. –
15. When I come _______ some English words I always look them _______ in the dictionary
 A. to, for C. on, through
 B. for, into D. across, up
16. He entered _______ the hall to take part in the conference.
 A. to C. in
 B. -  D. into 
17.  Paris is especially famous _______ its elegant architecture.
 A. for C. with
 B. of D. at
18. My little sister believes _______ fairies.
 A. on C. in
 B. into D. of
19. He blamed his friends _______ the accident.
 A. to C. at
 B. for D. out
20. Look at Helen! She must have been _______ a terrible hurry!
 A. between  C. on
 B. without D. in
21. I felt very ashamed ________ making such a stupid mistake.
 A. of C. at
 B. for D. to
22. The teacher explained the problem ________ the students.
 A. on C. to
 B. about D. for
23. She does not associate ________ her neighbours.
 A. with C. of
 B. about D. for
24. I have been looking _______ my book everywhere but I couldn’t find it.
 A. to C. at
 B. for D. out
25. I am so sorry _______ being late. It’s been good _______ you to wait ______ me.
 A. for, for, for C. of, of, of
 B. about, for, -  D. for, of, for
26. _______ our great surprise he passed his exams successfully.
 A. For C. At
 B. To D. By
27.  There was a bunch of creamy roses _______ the cake.
 A. behind C. in the middle of
 B. between D. out of
28. I haven’t seen my friend ________ Monday.
 A. from C. before
 B. since D. in
29. _______ my mind, it’s a very good idea.
 A. From C. To
 B. At D. On
30. The cold climate has affected ________ his health.
 A. on C. for
 B. to D. – 

Test 25
1. _________ it rained a lot, we enjoyed our holiday on the Bahamas.
 A. Although C. In case
 B. In spite of D. Because
2. She only accepted the job ________ the salary, which was very high.
 A. although C. despite
 B. in spite of D. because of
3. Yesterday I couldn’t fall asleep _______ the fact that I was very tired.
 A. although C. despite of
 B. in spite of D. because
4. She is going to take some more food with her _______ she gets hungry.
 A. though C. unless
 B. as D. in case
5.  ________ you learn all the material, you’ll fail the exam.
 A. Because C. Despite
 B. Unless D. Although
6. _________ yesterday was Easter, all the shops were closed.
 A. In spite C. As
 B. Unless D. In case of 
7. All the members of my family have got the flu. Our house is ________ a hospital.
 A. like C. as if
 B. as D. as long as
8. I met a lot of friends ________ I was on holiday.
 A. during C. by the time
 B. in spite D. while
9. I’ll be doing my homework ________ 9 p.m.
 A. during C. until
 B. as soon as D. by
10. ________ the time she came all the guests had gone.
 A. Until C. Till
 B. By D. Because of
11. ________ Tom ________ Mary were late for the lesson.
 A. Both, and C. Neither, nor
 B. Either, or D. Either, and
12.  She said she would let me know about her arrival but she _______ phoned ________ wrote a message.
 A. both, and C. neither, nor
 B. as well, as D. either, or
13. Listen! ________ Ann ________ Jennifer is playing the piano upstairs.
 A. Both, and C. Neither, nor
 B. Either, and D. Either, or
14. You should start cleaning your room ______ you come home.
 A. till C. during
 B. as soon as D. unless
15. She woke up at 8 a.m. _______ she managed to catch the 8.45 train.
 A. Nevertheless C. Although
 B. Whereas D. Because 

Test 26
1. There ________ a book and five magazines on the table. You can take any of them.
 A. are C. were
 B. is D. have been
2. When I entered the classroom there _______ ten students and teacher there.
 A. are C. were
 B. is D. have been
3. I think on Monday there ________ a table of four chairs in the room.
 A. will be C. had been
 B. are D. have been
4. We didn’t go to the shops because ________ wasn’t enough time.
 A. there C. this
 B. it  D. that
5. Do you know there ________ an accident in this street recently?
 A. have been C. was
 B. is D. has been
6. They live near the airport. ________ must be a lot of noise from the planes.
 A. That C. This
 B. There D. It
7. That building is now a theatre. ________ used to be a cinema. 
 A. Those C. It
 B. There D. These
8. Last winter ________ was very cold and ________ was a lot of snow.
 A. it, there C. it, it
 B. there, there D. there, it
9. My parents said there _______ my favourite film on TV the next day.
 A. will be C. was
 B. is  D. would be
10. I am not sure if there ________any money left.
 A. are C. were
 B. is D. have been
11. I think ________ is time for us to leave.
 A. there C. that
 B. it D. its
12. There ________ not enough information, so we can’t continue working.
 A. was C. is
 B. were D. hasn’t been
13.  _________ many problems on your way to success?
 A. Are there C. Has there been
 B. Will there be D. Have there been
14. _________ should be more understanding between you.
 A. There C. That
 B. This D. It
15. There ________ many happy moments as well as much grief in his past.
 A. was  C. have been
 B. were D. has been

Test 27
1. What is the weather like in Canada? How often _______ there?
 A. does it snow C. snow it
 B. does it snows D. it snows
2. Which team ________ the game?
 A. did it win C. won
 B. did win D. won it
3. – What did you leave the meeting early ________? – I didn’t really feel well.
 A. away C. for
 B. because D. like
4. Unfortunately the driver ________ the red light
 A. didn’t saw C. no saw
 B. didn’t see D. saw not
5. You haven’t eating your pudding. ________ it?
 A. Are you no want C. Don’t want you
 B. Do you no want D. Don’t you want
6. I really enjoyed the disco. It was great, ________?
 A. is it C. was it
 B. isn’t it D. wasn’t it
7. – Are we going the right way? – I think ________.
 A. indeed C. so
 B. it D. yes
8. Adam hasn’t looked at another woman ________ he met Eva.
 A. when C. as soon as
 B. before D. since
9. She wonders where _________ her new phone.
 A. did she leave C. she left
 B. had she left D. has she left
10. Let’s go skiing all together, _________?
 A. do we C. are we
 B. shell we D. will we
11. _________ the house when the phone rang.
 A. Hardly had we entered C. Hardly we had entered
 B. We hardly had entered  D. Hardly we entered
12. _________ do you normally wear?
 A. What is the size shoes C. What is the size of shoes
 B. What size shoes D. What size of shoes
13. _________ there were so many people at the party, I felt lonely.
 A. However C. Although
 B. As D. Despite of
14. He won’t get any money _________ he finishes the project.
 A. if C. unless
 B. in case D. when
15. I’m interested in economics, _________ I wouldn’t want to work in a bank.
 A. so  C. because
 B. and D. but 

Test 28
1. ________ we go to the party tonight?
 A. Do C. Would
 B. Let D. Shall
2. _________ giving a party?
 A. What’s C. Whose
 B. Who’s D. Where’s
3. Susan. You know her, __________ you?
 A. don’t C. so
 B. know D. do
4. _________ sure. Has she got long dark hair?
 A. have no C. am not
 B. am no D. do not
5. Yes, she _________ . And she’s quite tall.
 A. got C. so
 B. has D. does
6. _________ you spoken to her?
 A. Haven’t C. Not
 B. Having D. Hadn’t
7. No, I don’t think _________. But I know who you mean.
 A. it C. so
 B. neither  D. yes
8. There are two sisters, Susan and Janet. They’re twins, ________?
 A. is it C. right
 B. are they D. aren’t they
9. ________ one is Susan?
 A. What C. Who
 B. Which D. Which of
10. Oh, I _________ know. They both look the same. I can’t always tell them apart.
 A. don’t  C. not
 B. no D. doesn’t
11. No, _________ can I. In any case, I haven’t been invited to the party.
 A. neither  C. so
 B. not D. no
12. That ________matter.
 A. don’t C. not
 B. isn’t  D. doesn’t
13. Ok. ________ go to it then, shall we?
 A. Couldn’t we C. Shall we
 B. Let’s D. Let we