Appeal to contracting companies

Dear educational agents!

We invite you to cooperate with Donetsk National Medical University. We need reliable, responsible and professional people who could give to our applicants:
• all necessary information about our university;
• explain the requirements for admission;
• provide information on tuition fees;
• answer all their questions about our institution;
• support and help applicants during all the admission procedure until the departure in Ukraine.
Donetsk National Medical University, in its turn, is committed to educational agents:
• provide detailed information on study and living conditions;
• inform about changes that may occur in the studying process;
• provide an appropriate level of education to students;
• encourage and support agents in their business and professional development.
We are ready to become partners with people who have already reached some success in this field and are interested in recruiting students for our university!

Sincerely, Donetsk National Medical University

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