Студентське, наукове, товариство, імені, професора, М. Д. ДовгяллоStudent Scientific Society named after Dovhyallo

Donetsk National Medical University, Ministry of Health of Ukraine

Welcome to the official website of Students Scientific Society named after professor M.D. Dovgyallo of Donetsk National Medical University

Students Scientific Society named after professor M.D. Dovgyallo of Donetsk National Medical University is a voluntary, non-profit students’ society, being engaged into research activity at the departments and divisions of Donetsk National Medical University during non-study time or specially given time.

Main goals of SSS are:

  • consolidation of students’ creativity and scientific capability, creation and development of favourable conditions for professional development by means of intensification of research activity, students’ contribution to the development of relevant scientific problems and to research work of the university;
  • mastering modern scientific cognition principles;
  • gaining practical skills of problem definition and independent problem-solving;
  • knowledge improvement in the chosen field;
  • giving a possibility to all students to exercise their right for individual creative development, considering their abilities and needs, building public awareness, raising legal awareness.

Main tasks of SSS are:

  • contribution to improvement of students’ academic qualification;
  • improvement of professional training of young specialists;
  • enabling formation of creative initiative;
  • giving assistance to students in independent scientific search and organizational support for their scientific work;
  • creation and support of information database of student scientific research works and developments;
  • coordination of DNMU divisions activities regarding organization of student scientific research, use of its results, running student scientific conferences, scientific trips etc.;
  • provision of timely information about scheduled scientific conferences, competitions, exhibitions etc., and possibilities of participation;
  • contacts building and development with SSS Councils of other higher educational institutions, and research organizations both in Ukraine and abroad;
  • coverage of all SSS activities in mass-media and on the Internet.


Regulations of the student scientific society named after Professor MD Dovgyallo of Donetsk National Medical University

Regulations on student scientific circles

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