Appeal to prospective entrants

Dear foreign applicants!

Donetsk National Medical University invites you to study at the preparatory department, where you will receive knowledge of the Ukrainian language you need for further study at our medical university. Our best teachers will also help you to improve your knowledge in disciplines such as Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Computer Science etc.

After graduating from our faculty, which lasts 10 months, you will have an additional point to enter the first year of Donetsk National Medical University and then receive a quality European education.

Students of a higher institution also may be enrolled in the preparatory department to increase their level of the Ukrainian language to continue their study in the relevant specialty. The language course for each particular language level lasts: А1 (beginner) – for 3,5 months; A2 (elementary) – for 7 months.

Despite the difficult times for Ukraine, we are ready to teach you and have all opportunities for this! As long as martial law is in force in our country, studying will be online.

Sincerely, Donetsk National Medical University

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