Supplement 1

to the order of DNMU

dated 06.08.2018 № 239










by the decision of the Academic Council of DNMU

“25” of June, 2018

protocol (record) 8


Come into force

by the order of the Rector of DNMU

«6» of August, 2018





















Lyman, 2018

  1. Study time is determined by the number of time units given for the implementation of the curricula and training programs at the appropriate educational qualification level. It includes:
  • term of studying according to the appropriate educational and qualification level,
  • the academic year and the training course,
  • academic semester,
  • a week of studying,
  • a day of studying,
  • a class,
  • classroom independent work (under the teacher’s control),
  • extracurricular independent work,
  • control measures (semester assessment, final assessment, university certification),
  • consultations,
  • training practice,
  • vacation.


  1. The academic year lasts for 12 months at Donetsk National Medical University. It usually begins on September 1 and consists of study days, days of final assessment, university certification, training practice, days off, public holidays and vacations.


  1. The period of studying is the period of student’s studying during the academic year. The duration of the student’s period of studying includes the time of the semesters, final assessment, end-of-year-exams (semester assessment), training practice and vacations.

During one academic year a student studies at a corresponding year of studying.

The duration of the student’s period of studying includes autumn and spring semesters, control activities, training practice (if provided in the curriculum) and vacations.

Completion of student’s studies during a certain year of studying (semester) is made by the Rector’s order to transfer him to the next year of studying (if a student completed the student’s curricula and educational programs in the disciplines).


  1. The semester is the part of the academic year that ends with semester assessment. Its duration is determined by the curriculum and schedule of the educational process. The semester also includes training practice.


  1. The student’s academic week consists of 5 days and it includes no more than 35 ECTS class hours.

Saturday and Sunday are days off (except for the cases of the change in the timetable according to the Rector’s order).


  1. An academic day is a part of the student’s study time lasting no more than 9 academic hours.

Academic days and their duration are determined by the annual schedule of the educational process which is made for the academic year taking into account work and week offs, it is agreed and approved in the order and within the terms set by the higher educational institution.


  1. Classes (classroom classes) last 2 or 3 academic hours every day, 4-6 academic hours if the disciplines of the timetable are cyclic or “one day”.


Independent classroom work under the teacher’s control is the duration for a particular class that is determined by the educational program in the discipline.


Independent extracurricular work is not less than 1/3 and not more than 2/3 of the total amount of student’s study time given for studying a particular discipline.


Working out missed classes and consultations are carried out in accordance with the “Regulations on the organization and conduction of current, final, semester assessment, university certification, working out of missed classes and rating increase”.


  1. An academic hour is the minimum accounting unit of study time. The duration of the academic hour is 45 minutes. Two academic hours are 2 classes (90 minutes), then a “double period”.


  1. Training practice for the 2nd-3d year students who study under ECTS system is carried out as training during the certain academic year; all other students have it after end-of-year-exams in accordance with the curricula and schedules of the educational process at the health-care establishments and in the sanitary-epidemiological stations.


  1. Holidays at Donetsk National Medical University are twice a year (in winter and in summer) in accordance with the approved curriculum and schedule of the educational process.


The total duration of holidays during the period of studying is at least 8 weeks except for the last one.




Dean of Medical Faculty 1                                                 O.I.  Gerasymenko


Dean of Medical Faculty 2                                                  P.I. Sydorenko

Acting Dean of Medical Faculty 3                                       O.V. Rosenko


Acting Dean of International Medical Faculty                     O.M. Mukhin


Acting Dean of Faculty of Dentistry                                   N.M. Yakovleva


Dean of Pharmaceutical Faculty                                         O.I. Hutor


Legal Department                                                               I.K. Sebiskveridze


Educational Department                                                     A.S. Semenov


Financial Department                                                          K.A. Marchuk


Head of the Student Government of the University             D.O. Haviley


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